New Video Introducing the Commons

A new video introducing the idea of the commons had a rushed premiere at the end of the International Commons Conference, but has now been released on the Web in four languages.  Here's an invitation to pass it along and make it go viral.

"The Commons" was produced by Christoph Knopp from Das Programm in Germany and the talented Berlin artist Burkhard Piller.  There are also versions in Spanish, German and Italian, with a French one on the way.  The animated line-drawings are wonderfully understated yet expressive.  In five short minutes, the neophyte can get an amusing introduction to the commons and the many areas in which it applies -- nature, culture, community and beyond. 

The video was released by the Commons Strategy Group (of which I am a part), and made possible  by the GLS Trust (especially Antje Tönnis), Ralf Hedwig from EIne Welt Haus Jena, and Heike Loeschmann at the Heinrich Boell Foundation.