The "Cap and Share" Video

British activists have produced a clever video in support of a global warming strategy that they call "Cap and Share."  It's essentially the same as the "cap and dividend" proposal -- aka "Sky Trust" -- that commons activist Peter Barnes has been pushing for years in the U.S.  (See his books Who Owns the Sky? and Capitalism 3.0 for more.) 

The UK campaign is led by Feasta, an Irish-based think-tank. (As the group explains, "Feasta's full name is the the Foundation for the Economics of Sustainability, and the word "feasta" (pronounced ‘fasta’) is an Irish Gaelic word meaning "in the future".)

I like the focus on sharing rather than dividends, although in their essential structure, both proposals are the same.  Feasta puts it nicely:  "Cap the carbon, Share the income."  Below, a still from the video, which stages an encounter between a stuffy British intelligence officer and "Agent 008."

A still from "Cap-and-Share" video.